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How to own a Spar Store

What does it take to own a Spar Store? My friend, Tandie asked me this question when she called earlier this week. In my language, we say ‘Ikhotha eyikhothayo engayikhothi...

Write a one page business plan and get started sooner

Writing a business plan forces you to think things that are important but are usually overlooked by new entrepreneurs. It helps you to articulate your ideas to customers, employees and potential partners. A business plan also you to get started sooner .

‘The 8 Things you need to know to get Funding’ Checklist

Do you want your business plan to be considered favourably by funders? You will need to demonstrate the following in your business plan. Show that you have the right management...

My Top 12 Small Business Funding Agencies

Do you struggle to get funding for your small business? Small business funding is available everywhere in South Africa. In fact, there is more funding available for small businesses than there is businesses that qualify for help. Your business will qualify if you are able to show that your business works.

How to start a business with what you have

Smart hustlers know how to start a business with what they have. They focus on getting their first customer and use the feedback to improve their product.